I’m Hiring an Intern!


What I’m Looking For

I’m seeking an intern who’s passionate about being a professional studio potter. The applicant should be a hard worker, direct communicator, self-motivated, respectful, and be able to hustle, as well as be detail oriented. I’m looking for someone with a great eye and their ear to the ground to know what’s happening in the greater ceramic and craft world. 3D modeling and mold-making skills would be a plus, because I’m interested in producing a new line of work, but they’re no necessary. My studio’s located in Portland, Maine.

The relationship between potter and intern is an intimate one and requires the right fit personality-wise.

12-20 hours of work a week with flexible daytime hours. No studio space or board is provided, and pay depends on experience. I value my quiet work time and find that having space apart makes for a better relationship for both parties. There are studio space in town that can be rented. The job could start between August 1 and September 1. One year commitment.

Responsibilities include all aspects of of studio maintenance- preparing clay (applicant should be able to occasionally wedge 25 pound of clay), glazing, mixing slips and glazes, decaling, loading and unloading kilns, photographing, data entry, packing and shipping, and research. If you have 3D modeling and mold making skills, we’d be utilizing these as well. If you don’t know some of these things, it’s alright as long as you’re a fast learner and detail-oriented. Possibly some marketing as well, depending on skill level. Having a car is highly recommended.

What You’ll Learn
You’ll be part of all aspects of the making process from start to finish. I’m very open about all the marketing I do and the strategy behind it. Depending on your interest, we can go further into social media and online presence.

How to Apply
Deadline June 12, 5 pm EST
Notification by June 19
Job starts during the month of August 2015, depending on your schedule

Email ayumihorie@gmail.com

-short bio
-10 images, 1000 px across
-five hundred word statement of intent outlining why you want to work with me in particular. Please address past experiences and future goals that would make this a good fit.
-list of two references including phone and email (no letters necessary)

Update: I found someone! Since the position is a year long, I’ll be sending out a call again next year. Thanks!


  • Hello, my name is Masaya
    supposed student at UofH manoa from this August.
    I heard about this from my friend who I respect from western Michigan University.

    I would love to apply for this great opportunity.

    So please let me send E-mail and application form following this message left.

    • Masaya-san, I’m glad you’re interested. There’s no formal applications, but the list of materials that I’m looking for its in the blog post. You can email it all to me. Thanks!

  • I SO wish I could be your intern! I love your work and I love your style! Unfortunately I live on Cape Cod though. 🙁 this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And I love all things Japanese! My best friend in college was Japanese. She used to spend every thanksgiving with my family. This winter I read the book, “Japanese women don’t get old or fat” and I started making Japanese food and eating with chopsticks! Now my fiancé and I both eat most meals with chopsticks! Not only do I love pottery … I collect Japanese tea sets! I have two gorgeous tea sets that are my two most treasured possessions! I’m a beginner potter but I hard worker and I’ve taken a couple of classes at the Worcester center for crafts. Why do you have to live so far away?!! LOL!! 🙂

  • Hi Ayumi,
    i got to know about hiring an intern, it reached my home, Estonia, (Europa)
    and i will send application to you.
    All the best regards,

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