A Potter By Trade

Based in Portland, Maine, Ayumi Horie believes that the best handmade pottery encourages connections between people and makes daily life better. Her activism and advocacy promote thoughtful craft practice and support for makers around the world. In this upending year of the pandemic, Ayumi has been putting a few projects aside and to work on new ones and to dig into organizational board work to help create a more equitable craft field.

Read her recently published essay on the Maine Crafts Association site on “What Craft Means To Me”.

The Democratic Cup has officially been retired and Pots In Action, Ayumi’s five year project on Instagram has drawn to a close on Instagram in order to create a more functional website with the content. Read her essay on the journey and future of @potsinaction on the Australian magazine, Garland.

Pottery Lottery Sale
New pottery sales have been postponed until February of 2022. (sign up for my mailing list to receive a survey in order in sign up for the lottery)
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