Like many people, I’ve been immensely moved and upset by the earthquake and tsunami disasters that began yesterday in Japan. In some small way I want to help, so I’ve start organizing an online art auction with the help of my oldest friend, Kathryn Pombriant Manzella, and my new friend, Ai Kanazwa Cheung, both of whom have deep ties to Japan. The auction will go live on Friday, March 18th and continue through to Sunday, March 20th at 9 pm EST. Many Japanese artists and artists with ties to Japan are donating work for the cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity relief for Japan. As soon as we start getting images in this week, we’ll be posting previews of the work so please stay in touch by signing up for the mailing list or RSS feed please and spread the word to your friends. Thank you for caring! (The picture above was taken in Tokyo by AFP)