Ayumi Horie Seeks New Pottery/Ceramics Assistant


Who Should Apply
I’m seeking an assistant who cares about quality in all aspects and forms. The applicant should be curious, a hard worker, direct communicator, self-motivated, respectful, be able to hustle, and be detail oriented. Applicants with academic degrees outside of the fine arts are encouraged. Someone with experience in 3D modeling and mold-making would be a plus, but not necessary.  The relationship between potter and assistant is an intimate one and needs to be the right fit personality-wise.  A sense of humor and ability to learn from mistakes with humility are a must. I’ve had many different assistants with a variety of skill sets, I can meet people where they’re at. I do require a positive, can-do attitude and love it when assistants are open and honest about their opinions.

Time and Timing
1-3 days of work a week with flexible daytime hours. No studio space or board is provided, and pay depends on experience. I value my quiet work time and find that having space apart makes for a better relationship for both parties. There are studio spaces in town that can be rented. Flexible start date between August 15 and September 15, with a two week trial period to make sure we have a good fit. One-year commitment. 

Responsibilities include all aspects of studio maintenance- preparing clay (applicant should be able to occasionally wedge 25 pound of clay), production using a RAM press, glazing, mixing slips and glazes, decaling, loading and unloading kilns, photographing and videographing, data entry, packing and shipping, research and copy writing. If you have 3D modeling and mold making skills, we’d be utilizing these as well. If you don’t know some of these things, it’s alright as long as you’re a fast learner and detail-oriented. Possibly some marketing as well, depending on skill level. Having a car is highly recommended, but not necessary as I’m on a bus route ten minutes from downtown Portland. 

What You’ll Learn
You’ll be part of all aspects of the making process from start to finish and learn how a small business operates. I always have multiple side projects that I need help with. I’m very open about all the marketing and the strategy behind it. Depending on your interest, we can go further into social media and online presence.

How to Apply  
Rolling application until August 1. Please take your time answering questions to the best of your ability. I value thoroughness and will review the applications as they come in. If you need an answer back within a certain time frame, please let me know. If you are a selected candidate, I will set up a Google Hangout interview with you. Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks and good luck!

UPDATE: The position has been filled. Thank you.

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