Pottery Lottery

Why an Experimental Pottery Lottery? Increasingly, my online sales have become a chaotic scramble for buyers. The last one sold out in 3 minutes. The buying experience is unpleasant for many and disadvantages those who are a little slower or want to take more time looking at work before buying. I have made this change guided […]

Who is Menbachi Bozu?

In the grand tradition Japanese yōkai, or monster/supernatural creature, I created Menbachi Bozu (Noodle Bowl Boy) to explain how warpage and breakage happens in the pottery studio. After all, mistakes couldn’t possibly be the fault of the artist! No matter the care taken when making pots, something (big or small) is bound to go wrong […]

Slow Pots

I made some slow cups. They’re objects that are impossible to understand without being held and turned. From a distance, the white image on the white background is invisible and will barely give up a hint or a glint. Even in a photograph, only one vertical swath can really be seen at a time. However, […]

Tomodachi Totes- Doubt, Quality, and Making Something Not Ceramic

Doubt From time to time, I struggle philosophically with making more material objects for a world that’s saturated with them. Doubt is part of my life as a maker. When I see so many things made of cheap materials, with bad craftsmanship, or with little thought, I get dramatic and want to distance myself from […]

A guide to using Instagram for studio artists

“Who cares?”  This is the question I ask myself all the time. Who cares about the work I do or anybody does? How do we as a craft community share and grow as a field? How do we get others to care about the things we care about? As social media becomes increasingly omnipresent and […]

Raffle for Christa Assad

Christa Assad plate

A month ago, Christa Assad, a fellow potter, broke her back when she jumped off of the second story porch of her house that was on fire. She lost all her possessions; she lost her clothes, documents, family heirlooms, everything. For the next three months at least, Christa is confined to a stiff brace, so […]

The Humbling Art of Practice

Here I am again at the family cottage where I first landed a year ago last June. The cottage is an old friend with its distinct, musty smokiness, with its little spit of rock that juts into a little cove. There is a constancy here that’s a kind of anchor in my life. I decided […]

On Making Pots for Valentine’s Day

Traditionally I’ve had a Valentine’s Day sale, giving it little thought since the content of my work is so much about the sentiments of love. This year, with all the changes in my life and the quiet insulation that winter brings, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to make work in general and for […]