Thank you to all our artists for donating such amazing work, the galleries for believing in our auction and giving us choice pieces, and the donors for thinking creatively about how they could contribute. The support we’ve gotten for our efforts to raise money for relief efforts in Japan was has been overwhelming from the start. Thousands of people help spread word of our auction, commented on Facebook, and others jumped into the bidding to raise more money than we ever dreamed of making. Our small team volunteers worked until late hours and under a lot of pressure to get the listings ready for the opening of the auction and without them, this could never have happened. Dave “Emergency Illustrator” Gordon came up with our logo overnight on the second day after our inception and Kelly Severns Curtis, my long-time web designer, put aside paying jobs to donate her expertise in putting up our website and customizing Facebook to our needs. Most of all, with all three of us working 18-20 hour days, I want to thank our families for their support, especially Robin who put up with my crankiness, exhaustion, and monkey mind. I hope this project can continue in some form since recovery in Japan will be a long process. First though, we have to get some art out to the eager winning bidders! p.s. notice how Poncho is looking at Butchie across the screen 🙂