Increasingly, my online sales have become a chaotic scramble for buyers. They sell out in minutes. The buying experience is unpleasant for many and disadvantages those who are a little slower or want to take more time looking at work before buying. I have made this change guided by the importance of equity in regards to ability and a desire to make the buying process less stressful.

The next Pottery Lottery and Sale will be 2024

How To Enter the ongoing Lottery

-Sign up for my mailing list
Complete the Google form
-Names will be drawn using a random number picker
-If your name was drawn, a password will be emailed a day or two before
-Preference will be given to those who don’t have any of Ayumi’s work.
-If your name wasn’t chosen, it’s ok! The General Sale is open to all and you can also email with a special request.

An Experiment Explained for Buyers and Other Makers

The Problem for Buyers:
-Low supply. I don’t make much work anymore, esp having kids
-High demand
-Online sales have sold out in 3 minutes or less
-Checkout needs to happen so quickly that people who are slower to move or make decisions, lose out, making frustration high
-In the past, if multiple buyers have the same piece in their carts, the first person who completes check out gets the piece, i.e. pieces will disappear from the carts of other buyers no matter where they are in the process. 
-Buyers scramble to buy something, but it’s not necessarily what they want because there’s not enough time to look and make decisions
-Many buyers have given up participating, because it is too stressful

Drawbacks for the Seller:
-It is not economical, because there is more backend administrative work, more packing labor, and more material expense. Because of this, handling will go up $4 to $10 total. 
-the lottery drags out the process, esp the process of packing. It’s more efficient to pack everything at once, because I only have one space to both make work and ship work. I want to avoid having things trickle out the door, because I find it disruptive. Having the lottery and regular sale all on one day should mitigate the problem.
-Instead of having work sold by lottery, there will be a general sale as well. Just having a Lottery sale would severely constrict the number of buyers for non-pottery items like tenugui, clothing, and prints. This peripheral work has been generating more revenue than I expected, so I didn’t want to cut into those sales.

The Benefits:
-a process of selling that is more fair and more equitable, no matter the age, ability, and time
-less stress in buying
-creates new buyers and a broader distribution of work
-increases value of old work, because there are more buyers to support the resale market

The Details

-1 pot per buyer (this rule does not apply to tenugui, clothing, prints, or the regular sale) 
-100 cups for 95 Pottery Lottery folks at  12 noon ET on Dec 6, 2023.  A general sale will follow at 1:00 pm with almost 50 more cups
-The store will be password protected 
-each buyer will be assigned a number on a spreadsheet will be used to generate random numbers which will correspond to buyers on the spreadsheet (I do not want to put actual names into any third party website
-as usual the sale will take place on my shop

Thank You For Giving It a Go!

Thanks for understanding that this process will be to be done a few more to get the tweaks worked out. I ask for the patience and understanding of longtime buyers, who have supported me and my work over many years. 

wish list

I always have a running wish list going for people who want custom work and/or are frustrated by the sales. One thing I love about it is getting to work directly with people. Because of the extra time and work involved, I will be charging $25 per order for wish list work in the future. Please email me directly to start a conversation about what you might like. ayumihorie @@@@@@gmail (dot) com